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Today we headed to Island of Komiza and the well-known town. It's drenched in Venitian charm and with its lively cocktail bars it really is a party port that is a highlight for celebs and passengers alike — while we were there though none were seen. As we could not dock we stopped at a small seashore and who would be there but a buddy I had met in Portoroz. Here we went for another swim everyone was jumping in the top deck as I went to walk down the lower deck I slipped and sprained my ankle as water had slashed upward and had made it very slick. I still went for a swim and it was wonderful. click

Now it is off to Pula, which will be allegedly the birth place of Marco Polo. We went when we got there, we went for a walk I hobbled. Pula is a really little but beautiful place, where also you can charter a yacht. In the afternoon we did some shopping and exploring on our own and then met for dinner called the Turret, which is a medievil turret in the old walls that encompassed Pula. You sit on top of the turret order your drinks and they're pulled up from the pub on a little elevation like system to the top of the turret. It was freezing at the top after checking it out so, I had a vodka red bull and headed down to the following level inside.

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The bottom lines is, if you're needing sun, sea and spectacular scenery then look no farther than sailing Croatia. They offer you the right combination of relaxation, investigating and partying and I'd highly recommend the tour to everyone and anyone!
Our quick location from Isola is Piran, just around the corner to finish our Bureau of Customs formalities and have our sails fitted — finally!
We question why we have not spent more time in this tiny harbour with its old town. It's also less costly to stay at E45 than Isola, but the showers we hear are not that fantastic, while there is shorepower available. We shower on the yacht we spend a nice evening with our neighbours that are Venetian in the boat nearby and charter and submit early.

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The last day, we made our way to Komiza, which I've been promised is a fantastic island, the new St. Tropez. Well, it is cute and there's a lot to see, like the Venetian Loggia, a mighty citadel and lots of beach clubs. But it's also crowded and overrun with daytripping cruisers and intoxicated partiers who love sing along to your tub-thumping tune. We were not there in Komiza enough to go into the island away from the middle, and it's unfair to judge a destination on its busy port alone. It's a very walkable city of cobblestone roads, woody avenues in the hills, a walk along the coast past many beach clubs. My Croatian friend Anton told me to look out for Falko, a wonderful and mellow beach restaurant and bar, that has been a tremendous place to spend the afternoon. For dinner, Charlie took us to Luviji, a highly regarded konoba («pub») that served us an excellent seafood dinner on the balcony overlooking St. Stephen's Square. one day yacht charter in Croatia

There is a yacht the best method to see this part of Croatia, a property of islands that are astonishing. A yacht with buddies will always be better when compared to a yacht in charter with strangers.
Existing sailors will need no convincing that a yacht is the perfect way to experience a shoreline. But Theyturned this beach girl into a boat girl — albeit one whenever the chance arose who dived into the sea.

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The rate depends directly on the wind, so I had to read something about this region's prevailing winds. Naturally, I had to keep silent about the forthcoming sailing trip, otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise.
It required the whole spring to develop a route. The final strategy then coming back to the villa, and was: a week of sailing in the Adriatic Sea. We were undoubtedly lucky with the villa and our hostess… This Croatian girl was like a guardian angel for us constantly.
Historical Rovinj. I admire such window views, and the church bells chime each morning.
You can inquire a lot of the tourists slumber and the city both night and day, when excursionists are gone, when your home is in the historic center. Four in the morning is the greatest time to sink into the historical atmosphere virtually all alone — click here

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Our captain's name was John-such a nice young man. Now, we're leaving on Rovinj.
You may go for hours to an island that appears close at hand, and Michael changed tack over and over.
There are two cabins: one for a captain and the second.
The anchor was dropped by them at some hidden bays with water of colours that were astounding, berthing at the old quays filled with similar yachts, which were in a charter.
What would you need for agreeable sailing? First is favorable relations with your captain. Your travel impressions are completely determined by the captain: whether you will be flying by means of the engine slowly or motoring: The most interesting www: yachts.